Thank you for showing your interest for AWODIAG.

Although AWODIAG was primarily set up to tackle issues facing Professional African Women of the Diaspora on the African Continent, the organization is open to any organisation and any individual who support the aims and objectives of AWODIAG irrespective of their race, colour, and sex. Membership is submitted to criteria.

To be eligible you must meet each of these criteria:

  • Be a strong supporter of our aims and objectives
  • Actively participate in the growth of the organization
  • Willingness to share crucial information and knowledge
  • Possess a postgraduate Degree (JD, PhD, Doctorate, LLM, Master, DESS)
  • Work in an established company or not for profit corporation/organization or be an established entrepreneur/self-employed
  • Be fluent in English or French
  • Willingness to efficiently network and develop relationship with Professional African women  of the Diaspora all over the world

However criteria exemption may be granted to women leaders, women recognized into their community, women with acknowledged achievements.

Membership fees are of: 60 Euros, 60 £, 60 $, and 30.000 CFA.

Together with filling-up the request document you will need to send us a detailed CV and a photo to sustain  your application.

The Information submitted  will not be shared with third parties.

Membership Form
Once filled in please send to
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